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3F6: Software Engineering and Design

Elena's course webpage

Database handout
Motivational example
example SQL database
Student Teacher PDF
SQL example text file of demos

Lab handout

4F12: Computer vision

Lecture 1: decision trees, information theory and random forests
Lecture 2: Neural networks for computer vision
Lecture 3: Convolutional neural networks for computer vision
Machine learning for computer vision examples sheet

Old courses that I taught on 2012-2014:

Paper 8: Computer vision

Handout 1: Introduction
Handout 2: Feature Extraction
Handout 3: Feature Descriptors
Handout 4: Search
Handout 5: Visual words

Slides lecture 1: edge detection
Slides lecture 2: 2D edge detection
Slides lecture 3: corner detection
Slides lecture 4: blobs and feature descriptors
Slides lecture 5: search
Slides lecture 6: visual words

examples sheet
Matlab Demos

4F12: Computer Vision and Robotics

Part 1: Feature detection
Lecture 2 slides: Gaussian quiz and primary visual cortex
Lecture 3 slides: 2D edge detection and moving beyond edges
Lecture 4 slides: corner detection
Lecture 5 slides: blobs and feature descriptors
Matlab Demos
Examples Sheet 1
Examples Sheet 1 solutions

Part 2: Perspective Projection
Lecture 6 slides: Perspective Projection and the Pin Hole Camera
Lecture 7 slides: Homogeneous coordinates
Lecture 8 slides: The projective camera and planar projection
Lecture 9 slides: Inverting the imaging process
Lecture 10 slides: the affine camera and invariants
Perspective projection of a circle on the ground plane
RANSAC Pseudocode
Auto-stitch: SIFT, homography and RANSAC
Examples Sheet 2
Examples Sheet 2 solutions

Part 3: Stereo vision
Lecture 12 slides: Stereo vision and epipolar geometry
Lecture 14 slides: stereo vision with uncalibrated cameras
Examples Sheet 3
Examples Sheet 3 solutions

Part 4: Machine vision
Lecture 15 slides: Random forests
Handout: Random forests
Handout: weighing problem
Handout: decision boundaries
Lecture 16 slides: Neural networks
Handout: Neural networks

computer vision research video demonstrations

Nuclear Energy MPhil: Reliability

Lecture 1 slides: Component reliability
Lecture 1 handout: Component reliability
Lecture 2 slides: System Reliability
Lecture 2 handout: System Reliability

3G3: Introduction to neuroscience

Hearing: slides and handout

4G3: Computational neuroscience

Representational learning: slides, handout

4F13: Machine Learning

Course webpage

Paper 8: Machine Learning

Machine learning: Zoubin's slides and the mixture of Gaussians example slides.
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