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Synaptic plasticity is one of the main neuronal substrates for our ability to learn and form memories. It is often unclear, however, how the biophysical level of synaptic changes can be linked to more abstract or cognitive levels of description.

The goal of the research group is to use theoretical and computational approaches to understand how synaptic modifications affect the dynamics of neuronal networks, and how they can be linked to the level of neuronal information processing, the formation of memories and to phenomenological and behavioral theories of learning, such as unsupervised or reward learning.

The group is located at the University of Cambridge and the Humboldt-University Berlin. The part of the group in Berlin is funded by the German Ministry for Science and Education through a Bernstein Award.

[13.11.2013] Article "An extension of slow feature analysis for nonlinear blind source separation" with Tiziano Zito and Laurenz Wiskott accepted for Journal of Machine Learning Research.
[01.09.2013] Henning Sprekeler starts as University Lecturer at CBL.

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