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The brain has a remarkable capacity to learn continuously about the environment and to use this knowledge flexibly to make predictions and guide its future decisions. Our group studies learning and memory from computational, algorithmic/representational and neurobiological viewpoints. We also maintain an active interest in the possible computational functions of neural oscillations, particularly those present in the hippocampus and neocortex.

Computationally and algorithmically, we use ideas from Bayesian approaches to statistical inference and reinforcement learning to characterize the goals and mechanisms of learning in terms of normative principles and behavioral results. We also perform dynamical systems analyses of reduced biophysical models to understand the mapping of these mechanisms into cellular and network models.

We collaborate very closely with experimental neuroscience groups, doing in vitro intracellular recordings, multi-unit recordings in behaving animals, and human psychophysical and fMRI experiments.
Computational Learning and Memory Lab


16 / 06 / 20 paper on sampling by cortical-like dynamics in Nature Neuroscience is accepted
13 / 11 / 19 special issue on computational neuroscience in Current Opinion in Neurobiology is out
13 / 08 / 19 paper on representational untangling in V1 accepted at eLife
24 / 05 / 19 Alberto Bernacchia accepts a Senior Deep Learning Researcher job at MediaTek
10 / 05 / 19 Jake Stroud is awarded Sir Henry Wellcome Fellowship from the Wellcome Trust
30 / 04 / 19 paper on the statistical pickpocket experiment accepted at eLife
23 / 04 / 19 Rodrigo Echeveste is offered Assistant Researcher position by the National Scientific and Technical Research Council of Argentina
07 / 09 / 18 commentary piece on probabilistic population codes accepted at TINS
05 / 09 / 18 paper about the theory of natural gradients in deep neural networks accepted at NIPS
21 / 08 / 18 paper about how nonlinear dendrites are ultimately linear accepted at Neuron
27 / 07 / 18 Máté Lengyel receives 6-year Wellcome Trust Investigator Award
12 / 04 / 18 paper about the dynamical regime of sensory cortex accepted at Neuron
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